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Announcing Our New Vivantera Project!

Announcing Our New Vivantera Project!

In 2024, we will be expanding our conservation programs in the American Midwest via the Vivantera Project. “Vivantera” means “Living Earth” in the international language of Esperanto. We feel that’s a perfect description of our new project.

We will be raising funds to clean and protect the forests, prairies, streams, and rivers of America’s Heartland while also helping every American to be able to claim their own piece of the nation.* Offering conservation plots for as little as $25.00 (for a quarter of a square foot plot), the Vivantera Project makes land ownership accessible to everyone.

Trail cameras placed at the sites will allow plot owners to view the scenery and wildlife at their conservation site from anywhere in the world. Owners can also visit their plot in person any time during daylight hours.

Not to be outdone by similar programs overseas, Vivantera Project landowners can choose their own aristocratic title to be printed on their land ownership certificate.** Those who purchase a full plot will also be mailed a heat-sterilized soil sample from their site, perfect for use in a vial pendant, hourglass, or terrarium.*** With the Vivantera Project, you really CAN conserve your land and keep it, too!

*By sponsoring the Vivantera Project, you (or your Gift Recipient) will obtain a personal Right of Access to a designated Conservation Plot. Earthlings Conservancy will remain the registered legal landowner and will manage the plot on your behalf.

**You (or your Gift Recipient) will receive a Certificate of Title addressed to the name and honorific title of your choice. Note that this is for personal enjoyment, only and does not guarantee recognition of the title beyond our Vivantera community.

***Soil samples are heat-treated to remove microbes before packaging and will be shipped following all pertinent regulations.

Heartland Titles and the Vivantera Project are programs of Earthlings Conservancy

Archaeology Experience: Summer 2023

Archaeology Experience: Summer 2023

We at Earthlings Conservancy are excited to be partnering with archaeologists from the iDigNauvoo archaeology project and Western Illinois University (WIU) to offer a hands-on Archaeology Experience in Nauvoo, Illinois. This program will run weekdays from May 16th through June 23rd, 2023.

We aim to keep our experiences as affordable as possible. Registration costs include expense compensation for instructional staff, insurance, and project materials.

Fees for the 2023 Archaeology Experience will be:

$150 per week ( 3 or more days in a week )
$50 for individual days ( 1 or 2 days in a week )

If you can’t commute from home to the site each day, free shared housing will be available for the first dozen people who submit a paid registration for the full six weeks. Others will be accommodated as space allows. An optional meals package is also available for $15 per day which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If desired, Directed Research or Internship credits may be arranged through the WIU Anthropology program (separate WIU registration and tuition would apply).

Each participant under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a registered adult participant (aged 18+).

To pre-register, or for more information, please fill out the 2023 Archaeology Experience Interest Form.